Welcome to Freedom! Jul 26th, 2015   [viewed 25736586 times]

Hello and welcome to Free-Blog.net!

We created this service in service to Freedom and Privacy. As you can see in the banner above the concept is covered by the highest law of the United States. (The First Admendment to the Constitution of the United States, for those of you in other parts of the world. Check out "The Other Nine" from the Bill of Rights as well!)

We believe in Freedom of Expression, so please feel free to say whatever you want! Isn't that what the Internet is all about? At Free-Blog.net WE DO NOT CENSOR BLOGS.

We also believe in privacy, so the only personal info we ever collect is an email address. And that is only if you're blogging or following a blog. (More on that on The Profile Help Page and Privacy Policy.) Your email address will never be shared, sold, or otherwise abused by us, and if you're just here to read, we don't use cookies! We are not interested in your personal data. That's not what Free-Blog is about. Interesting concept in today's world isn't it?

Comments systems are another deal, run from someone else's servers. (We use Disqus, but there are plenty of other popular options.)

We additionally feel that Freedom rings so much more clearly when it's FREE. There are no "premium" services or back-door charges. As a blogger here, you'll get ease of use, Twitter and Facebook sharing, and NO LIMIT on how many subscribers can sign up for email notifications of new articles on your blog! And all with as little setting up as you prefer.

It's easy to blog here. Truly. Try it, it won't cost you a thing. Ever. No purchase or renewal of domain, no purchase or renewal of SSL certificate, no setting up accounts for additional services, and no "premium" add-ons. If you'd like some functionality added to the site, just send an email, and if it's feasible we'll add it. That's it.

So browse what's here, start a blog, and Let Freedom Ring!

-Jeff Walter

Lowadobe Web Services, LLC